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We love natural ingredients and do not use any artificial colours or artificial flavours in our products.

We are a Bubble Tea shop based in Victoria, London, founded by three Taiwanese people who wish to bring the best and proper handshake beverages to bubble tea lovers.

A woman's hands holding a cup of Signature Coffee Jelly Milk Tea with ice and coffee jelly cubes inside
A cup of Yakult Pineapple Tea with a yellow straw and pineapple pieces on top
A clear plastic cup with various fruit and flavor options, pearls, and syrups laid out on a counter to create your own Bubble Tea at ochamae Bubble Tea shop.

No artificial colours \ No artificial flavours/fragrances \ No preservatives

We developed a great taste of syrup from natural ingredients.  We brew high mountain tea with a traditional method to keep the fresh taste and use fresh fruit and flower to make our house syrup.  Also, we make hand-crafted delicious bubbles ( from tapioca) every day.

We hope bubble tea/fruit tea helps customers feel delighted during their journey.

Featured Menu

A variety of colorful bubble tea drinks displayed on a Menu step 1
A variety of colorful bubble tea drinks displayed on a Menu step 1
A variety of colorful bubble tea drinks displayed on a Menu step 2

Ready to Order?

Delicious, affordable and ready in under 3 minutes.

Bubble tea feels like a warm hug on a winter day! With the sloshy bobas and sweetness of the tea and sometimes even some fruit syrups, with all these awesomeness, boba teas are now a trending beverage all around the world.
OCHAMAE’s aim is to make sure that each beverage is delicious. For the sake of quality, the procurement, packaging, logistics, and storage of the raw ingredients are all handled by specialists.
We believe enjoying a cup of delicious BUBBLE TEA drink can make your day better!

Strictly selected global raw ingredients for enjoyment

We strictly select safe, professional, and superior raw ingredients from all over the UK and rigorously safeguard all manufacturing procedures including the selection, drying, chopping, formulation, and supervision of the beverage-making process. OCHAMAE is equipped with a professional research and development team that devotes particular care to the precise formulae of beverages by customizing the weight of ice cubes added to the beverages, customizing the carbohydrate crystal, adapting the foam quantity of sparkling drinks, and collaborating with small-scale farmers that are close to the place of production to develop specially blended drinks using concentrated juice. 

Tea prepared by artisans for the purest flavors

Our staffs possess the professional knowledge in tea-making including tea sampling, producing, drinking, and brewing and are able to perform the alternation of different water temperature beverages and follow the precise ratio of tea leaves and water volume, allowing the limited quantity of tea to have the best color and texture; the brewed tea is full of aroma and integrates classic, elegant, and multi-layered elements, which perfectly offers OCHAMAE’s unique flavor where the everlasting lingering taste produces a calm attitude and the persistence of pursuing perfection.

An influencer-promo-guest holding a cup of Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls and a yellow straw at ochamae Bubble Tea shop

Indulge in the delightful world of bubble tea at our shop, where we offer a wide range of delicious and refreshing bubble tea creations. With our passion for crafting unique flavors and using high-quality ingredients, we strive to provide an unforgettable bubble tea experience for our customers.

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